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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

There’s no question that business coaching works. Ask any Fortune 500 CEO or executive and you can bet that they all have a coach or two guiding them from the shadows. A good business coach can help you do all of the following:

- Strategize and prioritize your everyday tasks.
- Brainstorm with you and provide an alternate perspective.
- Offer a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off of.
- Discover and correct your blind spots.
- Tackle difficult business decisions.
- Set achievable short- and long-term goals.
- Grow your business and increase your profits.
- Motivate you and keep you accountable to your plans.
- Take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.
- Clarify your business visions and align them with your personal objectives.
- And more!

Yet so few business owners take advantage of what a coach has to offer. Why?

The answer is, quite simply, the high cost.

Let’s face it. Business coaching is expensive. You’ll find very few experienced coaches willing to take you on as a client for less than, say, half a grand a month.

And that’s pretty much the bare minimum. Most coaching programs cost thousands per month. It is worth it when you consider the overwhelmingly positive results one can achieve with a good coach onboard, but for some small business owners, that price tag is simply too much.

We here at EntreResults love to help people. We love you, our readers and listeners. We also know that many of you would love to get a business coach to work on your business, if only you could afford it.

That’s why we created EntreResults Academy. We want more of you to benefit from business coaching, at a price tag that every business owner can easily afford. Our coaching plans start at only $47 per month.

You might be wondering, “What will I learn?”

I developed this program after spending thousands of hours coaching business leaders and sales professionals. Nothing in here is theory or conjecture. Everything is tried-and-true. We’re talking specific methods you can put into action immediately and see results within days or weeks, not years. In fact, these are the same materials I use with my private coaching clients, now available to you at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

We start with the basics. In month one we teach you all about how to free up time. Just think: if you’re spending 80+ hours a week working right now, when are you going to actually work on your business instead of in it?

So if you’re consumed by the day-to-day responsibilities and ignoring the bigger, more important tasks on the business development side—such as your overall company strategy, plans for the future, competitor analysis, and so on—we’re going to help you get to a point where you’ll have time for these higher-level tasks, the stuff that’s key to growing your business as well as your profit.

As a bonus, you’ll have more time for other things you enjoy in life, like spending time with your kids, going fishing, etc. Wouldn’t you want more time off to spend as you see fit?

Work less. Accomplish more.
We help you get there.

Then in month two, we’ll talk about setting a solid foundation for running a successful business. This includes your visions, values, and mindset. The things you might not have ever thought about because they don’t help you get your everyday work done.

But they’re crucial if you want to get the most out of your business. Why did you start it in the first place? Surely it’s not so you could slave away like you would’ve done at any regular old job. Visions and values help guide your business onto the right path, the one you intended to trek down when you created it. Having the right mindset, on the other hand, will make your days more than just a little better—the proper frame of mind ensures that successes speed you up more while setbacks bog you down less. Together, visions, values, and mindset are the solid foundation on which your business is built upon.

Even if you already own a successful business, strengthening your foundation will make it run more effectively and efficiently. By keeping everyone on the same page, your employees will be happier and more fulfilled. Plus, your organization will experience a much lower turnover rate.

A business tends to fall apart when there’s no foundation to provide a clear direction, when its people are drifting aimlessly through everyday tasks with no real guidance. Don’t be that company.

Stay on the path you carved out for yourself.
Get what you want out of your business.

Month three is all about goal-setting. Let me ask you:

- What do you want to get out of business and life?
- Are you setting the right goals that are challenging but achievable?
- Will they take your business and life to the next level?
- Do you have a specific and actionable plan for reaching each goal?
- How do you bounce back should you inevitably fall short of a goal?

We’ll cover all this and much more. By the end of this month you’ll also have completed the Success Planner, which is a complementary, goal-oriented workbook that’ll provide you with clarity and direction on how to get to where you want to be. Think of it as a roadmap to the future.

Ready. Set Goals. Achieve.

Month four onwards, we get down into the nitty-gritty of business development. We cover topics like properly defining your target audience, lead generation, building a relationship, following up with prospects and clients, and so on. It’s everything you need to be a marketing and sales pro.

To go even further, we’ll also discuss the management of your team, product/service delivery, and more. Forget the trial-and-error way of running a business! With our tried-and-true methods for every operational facet from lead generation to delivery, you’ll save time and money, as well as cut down on the learning curve drastically if you’re a new entrepreneur.

And if you’ve been running a successful business for years, you can still benefit greatly by leveraging our experience working with hundreds of clients. After all, even a small change can mean big dollars in the pocket for bigger businesses.

Each month, you’ll receive your coaching materials in a downloadable PDF, along with accompanying audio lessons that can play on any computer, tablet, or phone. You’ll also get monthly tips & pointers directly from our coaches.

Remember, these are the same exact materials I use with my personal coaching clients on a daily basis. But instead of paying $500 or $1,000 per month, you can join our EntreCORE self-study coaching program for only $47 per month. It’s the perfect program for self-starters who want to approach coaching at their own pace.

Join EntreCORE now!

For those of you who are mostly fine working through the program on your own, but would like professional input from time to time, EntrePLUS is the perfect fit for you. In addition to everything you get in our EntreCORE program, you’ll also receive written feedback from a coach.

Twice a month, you’ll be able to submit questions to us. One of our coaches will be in touch with you via e-mail to help with issues that are specific to your own situation. Have a question about how to deal with a difficult client? No problem. Need an unbiased opinion on your plan for next year? You got it. Even if all you need is a pep talk, we’re here for you.

How much is getting personalized advice from coaches who have helped hundreds of businesses grow and thrive worth to you? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands? If you could increase your business by 30% or more like many of our clients have already done, what would that do for your bottom line?

Well, I have good news for you. You won’t pay thousands or hundreds. Or even one hundred bucks.

That’s right. For $97/month, not only will you get access to our EntreCORE program that teaches you everything from freeing up time to closing sales, you can also pick our brains every month. And as a bonus, we'll also review any worksheets you have filled out as part of the program.

Don’t miss this chance. Join now for only $97/month.

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Want even more support? Sign up for EntrePRO and enjoy the same core coaching program, written feedback from our coaches, and access to our monthly business help desk!

Every month, you can call in during help desk hours to ask a live coach your toughest, most pressing questions, and get personalized advice on the spot. Our coaches can work with you on anything from tweaking your overall company strategy to tackling a particularly difficult decision, while also keeping you accountable. This is the absolute best way to stay motivated as you progress through the course.

EntrePRO is available for only $147/month. But hurry, spots for EntrePRO are limited. In order to provide top-notch service and give all members a chance to ask questions during business help desk hours, we can only accept a small number of clients into this tier.

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Still not convinced?

Check out what others are saying about us:

How would you like to triple your income? Or reach your goals 30-40% faster? How about working smarter so you can stop slaving away on nights and weekends? Or, maybe you, too, would like to turn your company into a self-sufficient machine that churns out top results with or without your direct involvement.

As my client Digiovanni Ryan plainly put it: if you’re willing to do the work, you can achieve all of the above and more. I’m not promising you overnight success. Nor am I saying that the EntreResults program can miraculously make you millions of dollars at the push of a button. No, you have to work for the results you want. But you won’t be alone. We will guide you the whole way, and get you there faster. We make sure that your hard work never goes to waste. With us on your side, every step you take in your business will be one in the right direction, toward the future you desire.

Join these successful clients and many more.
Become a member for as low as $47/month.

But wait!

We’re so confident that this program will help you achieve your dreams, that we’ll let you test drive it for only $1.

Yes, for $1, you can get access to our program for one full month. There’s absolutely no commitment required, and you can cancel at any time. Though we’re sure that you’ll want to stay once you get a taste of the results you can achieve in only one short month.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join now, and be on your way to a brighter future.


Jared Polak

P.S. This program was designed specifically with small business owners in mind. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, just getting your feet wet as an entrepreneur or already a seasoned pro, I don’t care. As long as you own a small business and have the drive to succeed, we can help you get there. So don’t delay. Join now and I’ll see you on the other side.