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About Us

The vision for the Entre Results Company was created shortly after its founder, Jared Polak, nearly lost his life after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at around 13,000 feet. After plummeting towards the ground at about 120 mph, he quickly realized that his parachute didn’t open up properly. As the first parachute was cut and haphazardly fell to the ground, his life was spared when the emergency parachute safely deployed. This life alternating “near-death” experience forced him to face reality about his business and life and gave him the shot of urgency needed to go after his dream of serving the small business community.

The Entre Results team is dedicated to giving improvement-oriented small business leaders the opportunity to create exceptional organizations while living extraordinary lives.  We focus mainly on “Entre” or Entrepreneurial-minded individuals, usually in the small business community. By definition, the individuals we serve assume some level of risk in order to receive the outcome or “Results” they are seeking.  While working with individuals seeking “Entre Results,” we realized that most people we work with want to in fact reduce the amount of risk it takes to achieve incredible results.  Our team helps reduce risk while increasing the probability of reaching the desired outcome while also decreasing the amount of time it takes to get there.

Our company works with leaders that are looking to grow at a high level, usually to at least double the revenue of their current business in a specific amount of time.  We can help these organizations gain clarity on their objectives and team up with them to create the steps necessary to make it happen.  We measure results along the way while creating a culture of encouragement and accountability. Our team can best serve companies between 5 and 50 employees, although occasionally we enjoy serving extremely motivated solopreneurs. We focus on working mainly with organizations located in Texas, and the majority of our companies operate in Houston.  Our process is especially helpful for service-based industries, especially when we’re helping create the business development systems necessary to achieve consistent and rapid growth.

The Entre Results team is passionate about serving and donating both time and resources to specific charitable causes.  We have even teamed up with our clients to volunteer our time and money to non-profits in Texas, within the United States, and throughout the world.  This fits right along with our mindset of always going above and beyond the requirements of a company and keeping it personal.  Additionally, we take a holistic approach when working with leaders, and have seen a correlation between personal improvements and business results.  We also give a consistent dose of creativity and inspiration to our business process and believe that achieving “Entre Results” will be hard work, but incredible amounts of fun along the way.