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Jared Polak spends every day working with leaders in the small business community. They are the foundation of a healthy economy and they are the risk-takers following their passion. His goal is to accelerate the success of those businesses and ensure that anyone who invests in him or his company can truly take advantage of the “Entre Results” atmosphere.

Jared has read all the business books, done all of the business training, but neither of these avenues are truly the source of his business acumen. Instead, it is working and living in the small business arena himself, working with other leaders and learning from their collective successes and failures to bless the lives not only of his own family, but all that he chooses to serve. He is a forever student, always willing to learn and infinitely adaptable to any business situation, stemming from his thousands of hours of experience in coaching, consulting, and training.

While he is young compared to others on the same path, his comparative experience makes him an old-timer in the small business world. He is now selective about the individual clients he works with, in order to be able to devote equal attention to his business and to his family. One of Jared’s foundational beliefs is the need for balance between work and personal life. This is the purpose of his book EntreBalance—to inspire people to spend as much time working on their lives as they do on their businesses.

More than anything else, Jared loves being able to give ordinary people the opportunity to live extraordinary lives. He knows that following truth, empowering others, and pursuing freedom are three of the most important things a person can do.

In his free time, he and his family spend time together and devote themselves to serving others. Amy Polak, Jared’s wife, has started her own jewelry business and is the co-founder of an important nonprofit organization that helps women trapped in the adult entertainment industry. Amy and Jared’s son, Justus, is widely considered to be the most adorable and awesome child that was ever born. His family makes their home in Texas, where they live purposeful, engaged lives.



Amy Polak is passionate about business and helping others grow. It is evident when you meet and speak with her. She co-founded a non-profit organization, H.O.P.E, that helps and serves women trapped in the adult entertainment industry, and started a high end jewelry business, Charm & Rock Luxury Jewelry. She understands the struggles every solo-preneur goes through, and uses that to encourage and help her clients overcome the obstacles they face daily to achieve their goals and dreams.

Included in Amy’s repertoire is experience interviewing, hiring and training employees and teams. She brings these experiences into her successful coaching practice and uses it to help other business owners achieve extraordinary results.

Jared and Amy have two children. Amy believes in maintaining a work life balance and applies that in her daily walk of life.


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