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Jared is the kind of unique and authentic coach you really want to work with. His ability to empathize with his clients and accommodate his products to clients' needs is just extraordinary. He empowered me to find the 'missing' sales gene on my business and has allowed me to make some hard decisions with a solid business input. I consider his services as the BEST investment I've made as an entrepreneur. I'd be forever grateful to the lessons learned with him as I've incorporated them as part of not just my business but my day-to-day life.

Mariela Tinoco-Aramburu

As my advisor, Jared inspires innovative thinking and the elimination of negativity. He motivates me to perform better within my career, helping me to sort through the clutter of the world. He helps me to operate in a more effective way and allows me to organize the professional, personal, and spiritual aspects of my life. For anyone who thinks that they need a new path in life, Jared is the perfect guide for that journey.

Larry Bubela

Jared Polak is absolutely the best at what he does!! He is a not only a great coach but a friend you can trust to help you through any issue you have. His insights and fresh take on things have been immensely valuable to help me both personally and professionally. He's held me responsible for my actions, made me stick to my plans (boy that's hard at times) and he is above reproach as he does everything he says he'll do and then outdo that. I just can't say enough about this master of his craft and I wish I could select more than 3 positive attributes that best describe Jared. I highly, whole heartedly, completely recommend Jared to anyone who is even thinking about doing business with him. Can you tell I like and trust him?

Luis Idrobo

Jared is one of the best coaches I have ever seen. I have always been skeptical of business coaches, but Jared has shown me the real value in having one! Through his help, my business has positively changed so much! I would recommend Jared to any business owner or manager who needs help balancing life, growing their business, and making a difference in their lives!

Nate Stockard

Guaranteed results with Jared. If you feel like something is lacking in your career I suggest hiring Jared or check out one of his sales seminars. I notice results almost instantly every time I meet with Jared!

Derek Mroz

Jared has been a source of strength and knowledge in moving Bungalow Fitness forward. His creativity with building referrals and improving our sales and marketing techniques have increased our client base in just a few short months.

Laura Finkeldey

Jared Polak is an impeccable and excellent business coach. He has a system that works and while he is kind and thoughtful, he is attentive to detail and demands high performance and accountability. He is great at asking probing questions that are quite helpful in identifying key issues to work on.

Kathryn van der Pol

What an honor to recommend Jared to my friends and associates. Jared offers the resources to present and future business owners and employees to develop and stay focused on achieving career goals. Jared is a person focused on being a servant leader to all with whom he meets and mentors.

Joe Stiles
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Jared is an enthusiastic, professional and passionate individual. He brings compassion and an innate understanding of what is required to succeed in your business and personal life. I can recommend Jared without reserve.

Robert Moss

I wanted to thank you for the difference you have made in my life. I have been a workaholic for many years, having a full-time job and part-time tax & bookkeeping practice for over 10 years. There have been many times in the past that I have told my clients that they needed life balance between work and personal time. It wasn't until I met you that it affected my life. I started your program in August and due to circumstances, I had to make the decision whether to seek other employment or concentrate on growing my part-time business to a career. It was because of the first seminar that I decided the time was right for me. The class gave me the tools and the support needed not only to make the decision to move forward, but also a written plan on how to proceed to the next step. I am nervous and a bit scared, of course, but there is also excitement to wake up each morning and face a new day in a new chapter in my life!

Bob Linzer
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I wanted to share with you a recent example of success; for the month of August I was the #3 producer out of 127 loan officers in my company. That normally would not seem like such a big deal to me, but when I think about it that is better than 97%. This has really helped to motivate me to continue working daily at those goals that I wrote down.

Kevin Hollister
Secure Mortgage Company

Being a workaholic and having a passion for what I do, I thought I knew when to draw the line and differentiate between work and personal life. I thought working really hard IN my business would eventually give me the freedom and money to do fun things. I discovered I had it all turned around. By learning to leverage my time, talent and resources, I have been able to identify more business opportunities. Because I have achieved a clear direction of my goals I have gained more confidence in myself.

Connie Reza
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